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This page lists the current versions of documents. All are in PDF format and are copyright Ohio Gravure Technologies Inc. We recommend downloading the PDF to your computer before printing. If you have any questions, please contact OHIO.

Video - virtual.drupa

The Auto-Documented Cylinder June 2021
Welcome and Introduction
Overview of the Auto-Documented Cylinder 
- Automated Engraving
- Real-Time Display
- DocuCell 0:5:30
- Vital Proof 0:8:40
- Birth Certificate
"Live Demos" Start at
- Real-Time Display 0:14:30
- DocuCell 0:16:20
- Vital Proof  0:21:45
- Cylinder Birth Certificate (on the machine) 0:47:40
- OHIO Dashboard 0:51:00
- Some thoughts 1:07:00
Other Topics Start at
Hybrid & Transcribe Discussion 0:31:45
Prism & Spectrum Comparison 0:42:45
HS to Spectrum Upgrade 1:11:00

Videos - Engraver

Product Description Date
Spectrum Spectrum Semi-Automation without Cylinder Supports May 2018
prism Prism Prime Semi-Automation  May 2018
EasyCell EasyCell Converge – Automated Testcut November 2017
dashboard Using the Dashboard June 2018
QuickCell QuickCell Converge – Operator-Assisted Testcut
QuickCell Converge – Changing the Target Sizes
November 2017
Stylus Changing a Stylus  December 2017
Head Replacing a Vision 3 Engrave Head June 2017
Vista VISTA Focus Motor November 2017

Catalog of Engraver Videos

Videos - Auto-Documented Cylinder

Product Description Date
Vital Proof Vital Proof Engraving 
Using the Vital Proof Viewer
June 2018
DocuCell Using DocuCell in Collage December 2017

Videos - Collage & Hybrid

Product Description Date
Collage Creating a new job October 2017
  Crop the image September 2017
  Copy the grid  September 2017
  Cylinder Geometry - Engrave Start and Reference        May 2018
  Cylinder Geometry - Setting Test Cut Values May 2018
  Burning an archive to CD February 2018
Hybrid Using Hybrid October 2017

Catalog of Collage Training Videos


Product Description Date
  Customer Information Bulletins Various
  Using the OHIO Dashboard for Support November 2018
Collage Getting Started Manual September 2017
  Upgrading Collage December 2013
  NEW! Collage & RTI Site Survey December 2019
RIP Using the Collage Xitron RIP July 2018
Hybrid Application Notes on using Hybrid July 2018
Linux RTI Linux RTI Operator Manual June 2014
Prism NEW! Prism Operator Manual November 2019
  Aligning and Calibrating the Vista System Camera August 2018
  Prism Parts Catalog March 2019
  UPDATED! Prism Preventive Maintenance Manual December 2019
  NEW! Prism & Prism Prime Site Survey December 2019
Spectrum NEW! Spectrum Operator Manual
Includes Appendix on Vital Proof
August 2019
  Spectrum Manual de Operación September 2015
  Spectrum Parts Catalog March 2019
  UPDATED! Spectrum Preventive Maintenance Manual December 2019
  NEW! Spectrum Site Survey December 2019

Customer Information Bulletins

PRODUCT Description Date
Engraver  The Importance of Preventive Maintenance March 2018
  Vacuum Hose Replacement - REVISION February 2019
  Using Sequence Engraving - UPDATED February 2019
  Machine Startup Sequence to Prevent Camera Issue February 2019
  NEW! Vista Camera Alignment and Cell Measurements - Curve Fitting August 2019
Hybrid   Basics of Using Hybrid January 2019
RIP PDF File Name and Document Title May 2018
  Color Names May 2018
  Errors when starting the RIP May 2018
  How we make PDF from InDesign May 2018
  How we make PDF from Illustrator May 2018
  What about PostScript? May 2018
Collage Using Sequence Engraving December 2018

Catalog of Customer Information Bulletins

Collage Downloads

Collage Sharpness files created by Ohio GT may be downloaded to your computer using this link:

To install on your Collage system:

1. Download the compressed file to your desktop, open it and move the folder Collage Archive Sharpness to your desktop.
2. Open Collage Archive Manager, then open the Collage Archive Sharpness folder, then click archive.oar
3. Click the Sharpness field in your server window and also in the archive window, then copy the sharpness files from the archive to your server.


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