The Collage Setting Started manual is intended for new users. This provides basic information on each menu and window in the main Collage program and all the modules. For detailed information on using all the features of Collage, please refer to the online help.

Some Collage training videos are available.

To print this manual, please open the PDF document

About OHIO

OHIO Gravure Technologies has designed and built equipment for the gravure printing industry since 1978. The Engineering, Software Development, and Manufacturing groups work to provide innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity.

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Most features of Collage are standard but there are some options which are licenses on the Collage dongle, such as Hybrid Engraving. The Collage documentation provides information on all features and options but the availability of options depends on the licenses on your dongle.

About Collage

The Collage Layout System was first developed in 2000 following extensive user discussion. As the premier layout software designed specifically for gravure, it has continued to change over the years according to customer needs.

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