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Swapping a Vision 3 Engrave Head

This set of 5 videos provides information to exchange a Vision 3 engrave head on a Spectrum. These videos can also be used for exchanging a head on a Prism engraver and a Gravostar HS, but there will be a few differences in the appearance of the machine and the location of the Kaman box. Videos have no audio.

NOTE: These videos support document 9430-0258 and should be used together
Replacing a Vision 3 Engrave Head on a Spectrum Engraver 9430-0258

Chapter 1 - Configuration Backup and P-Card Replacement (5:25)

Chapter 2 - Removing the Engrave Head (10:04)

Chapter 3 - Swapping the Vista Camrera between Engrave Heads (7:11)

Chapter 4 - Installing the new Vision 3 Engrave Head (2:39)

Chapter 5 - Aligning the Vista Camera (3:07)






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