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End of Life Notice

Collage on Solaris Server and Solaris RTI

Effective with Collage version 4.0 (July 1, 2012), software development of new features for Collage Server and RTI running on Solaris OS has ceased. Collage 4.0 is not supported on Solaris Server or RTI.

Until December 31, 2012, we will continue to support customers who still use Solaris Server or Solaris RTI with Collage version 3.1, making every attempt to resolve any software problems that may occur, but no new features will be added to Collage on Solaris. Customers are advised to upgrade to the latest Collage 3.1 version for their Solaris server or RTI. Collage version 4.0 cannot be installed on Solaris server or RTI, nor can Collage 4.0 jobs be engraved with a Solaris RTI.

Effective January 1, 2013, all support for Collage Solaris Server and Solaris RTI (hardware and software) will cease.

The advanced age of the Sun hardware running Solaris/Collage makes it advisable to upgrade the hardware to a Linux computer as soon as possible. (See End of Life notice for Sun computers.) We continue to develop Collage software for Linux RTI. Collage on Linux Server is no longer supported.


Please contact us for information on pricing and specifications for upgrading your Collage Solaris Server or RTI.


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