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End of Life Notice

Collage Linux Server Changes

Effective June 1 2016, Ohio GT has ended support for Collage Linux Server. You can continue to use your Collage Linux Server and the Collage clients, but if you want to upgrade the Collage software or you want to replace the Collage Linux Server hardware, this is no longer supported. See Upgrade Options below.

Definition: The Collage Server runs on a computer purchased from Ohio with RedHat OS or Fedora OS, Collage Server software and uses a dongle programmed with a Collage Server license. The Collage Server runs all the processes for creating Collage jobs and manipulating images in Collage jobs. It may also run now-obsolete JawsRIP. All files are stored on the Collage Server (jobs, images, gamma files, and sharpness files). One or more Collage client computers is networked to the Collage Server. The operator uses the Collage Layout Software on a client computer to create the jobs; the client is a basic, low-end Windows computer. The engraver pulls cylinders to engrave from the Collage Server, not from the client.

A computer server that archives Collage jobs is not a Collage Server: it only stores files. The Collage software does not run on this server, and the engraver cannot pull jobs from this server. Only a Linux computer from Ohio with Collage Server software and an OGT dongle is considered a Collage Server.

Upgrade Options for Collage Linux Server

If you want to upgrade Collage software:

Note: If Collage software is upgraded, all RTI/embedded software may need to be upgraded also.



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