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Check out the Videos we have provided to teach about new products and features, such as Vital Proof and DocuCell. There are also videos on learning Collage and using the Spectrum or Prism engraver.

customer information

Our Customer Information Bulletins are intended to provide useful information for you. The CIB catalog now includes tips about the RIP, color names, and preventing RIP start up errors, and the importance of maintaining your engraver.

focused on gravure

With over 36 years of experience in the global gravure packaging market, OHIO has the best solutions for gravure cylinder producers. We believe electro-mechanical gravure is superior for producing cylinders with unmatched repeatability and consistency, cylinder to cylinder, from year to year. Please review our product line and contact us to discuss how we can help you expand your business.



The DocuCell Capturing System automates the quality control steps to ensure engraved cells match original Collage image data.

Vital Proof


The Vital Proof System provides the opportunity to do away with the proof press using the highly accurate Vision 3 engrave head.



The OHIO Dashboard lets you manage production from anywhere . . . on your desktop, tablet or cell phone . . . at any time.

The Automated Spectrum Packaging Engraver


The Spectrum advanced engraver is available in several sizes, with several levels of automation. Optional Hybrid Engraving System.

The Entry Level Prism Engraver


The Prism engraver is an entry level machine that shares many capabilities with the Spectrum. Optional Hybrid Engraving System

Hybrid Engraving System


Superb linework and halftone in a single pass. Only OHIO's Hybrid Engraving System provides this level of quality and productivity.

The Collage Layout System


Collage, the premier job layout software for the packaging and specialty printing industry, is designed to increase productivity and quality.

Mutli-Tune Vision Engrave Heads


Our award-winning multi-tune Vision engrave heads are advanced and extremely precise, with many options to suit your unique needs.

Superior Serice


We provide installation, training and support for all OHIO products, as well as some old products from OEE and Daetwyler Graphics.


OHIO Gravure Technologies in Dayton, Ohio USA designs and manufactures advanced equipment for the global gravure printing market. The Engineering, Software Development, and Manufacturing groups work to provide innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity, such as the award-winning Hybrid Engraving System. Our engineering specialty since 1980 is our sub-micron accurate cutting system (Vision engrave head). We provide installation and support for our electromechanical engravers and the prepress layout software Collage for gravure printing.



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