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Vertex Stylus Monitoring System

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OHIO is pleased to offer the Vertex Stylus Monitoring System for exceptional control and consistency of the engraving process.

The Vertex Stylus Monitoring System, or VSM, offers uniformity of cell volume to bring excellent repeatability to cylinders. Highlight and mid-tone cells are affected by stylus wear, but VSM considers the wear and cell profile, and adjusts the sizes during cell setup to achieve the calculated cell volume. Whether a new stylus or a used* stylus, the cell volume remains constant.

Auto Documenting Engraver Auto Documenting Engraver

Vertex Microscope

Stylus angle being measured

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The VSM consists of a microscope, a Windows-based computer, and embedded software running on the engraver. The microscope starts the process by measuring and recording the stylus angle against the stylus serial number. This information is saved in a central library where Prism and Spectrum engravers can retrieve the data. 

Auto Documenting Engraver

With the stylus installed and selected on the engraver, and a Collage job loaded, the cell volume is calculated and compared against that of a new stylus. Adjustments to highlight and mid-tone cell sizes are made to achieve the proper cell volume. The VISTA system uses these modified sizes during cell setup.

* Please, do not expect heavily worn or broken stylus to work with the Vertex Stylus Monitoring System. Some stylus just can't be used.


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