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End of Life Notice

JawsRIP and RTI-R

Effective January 1, 2014, support for JawRIP has ended.

Ohio Gravure Technologies will no longer sell or support the JawsRIP in Collage or on engravers (called RTI-R). Customers who have the JawsRIP license will not lose that license and may continue to use the JawsRIP as they have previously.

If any problems are found when ripping PostScript or PDF files, we will no longer make any changes to the RIP software.

Starting with Collage version 4.1, we now offer the Xitron Navigator Harlequin RIP v9. This is a more stable and robust RIP with better support from the vendor. The Xitron RIP is used on virtually every output device in the printing industry, and now is available for Collage.

However, the Xitron RIP only runs on Windows, so it cannot be used on an engraver (which run on Linux OS). This only affects customers who use the "native PDF workflow," where jobs contained native PDF images that were ripped on the fly at the engraver. This was called RTI-R.

With the Xitron RIP, PDF or PostScript images are ripped "up front" -- before they are used in a Collage job. When the job is engraved, there is no need for a RIP on the engraver.


Please contact us to discuss your options for the future.


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