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End of Life Notice

DTG and DTG-700

NOTE: The DTG product was created by a third-party company in the United Kingdom and was marketed by Daetwyler Graphics for a short time. OHIO Gravure Technologies did not have anything to do with the development or support of this product when it was sold and does not have the means to do so now. To our knowledge, the third party company who invented the DTG have been out of business for over a decade (as of August 2017), and Daetwyler Graphics no longer supports the DTG.

Following is the End-of-Life notice sent out by Daetwyler Graphics in 2011:


DTG Hardware and software End of Life announcement

The DTG systems running the GravoStars 11, 21 or 21c and the old HelioKlischographs installed in your plant have provided you many years of reliable productivity. For the past few years, the Daetwyler Group has continued to support this equipment even though many of the PC parts and electronic components have been difficult for us to obtain. This shortage of these components, and lack of compatible replacement parts, is a tremendous challenge for Daetwyler Graphics, making it barely possible for us to provide you the quality of support that you have come to expect in an acceptable time frame.

For these reasons we regret to inform you that after 01.02.2011 we can no longer assure you full support for the DTG systems running these engravers. Nevertheless, end of life does not mean end of support. And since we still have some stock of spare parts for these DTGs we will certainly do our best to support this equipment, even after 01.02.2011, but if the parts are unavailable from our vendors, there is little we can do to replace them.


If you have any questions, please contact Daetwyler Graphics.

Please contact us to discuss your options for the future.


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