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Material Safety Data Sheets

The following table shows the Material Safety Data Sheet for some products. Documents are in PDF form.

Description Part Number document
Grease for Carriage Leadscrew D6727 9410-0046
Multi-purpose grease D6729 9410-0044
Multi-purpose oil for main drive, etc. D6725 9410-0049
Oil for carriage rails D6728 9410-0047
Loctite Adhesive D1050-0037 9410-0080
Lubriplate Oil, Lubricating Oil D1645-0014 9410-0091
Lubriplate Lithium Grease #2 D1645-0015 9410-0060
Anti-Seize Lubricant D1645-0016 9410-0092
Report for FUCHS Renolit Replex Red Lithium Grease D1645-0019 9410-0066
Mobilith grease, for GS857 with ballscrew carriage drive D1645-0024 9410-0065
Lubriplate Non-Detergent Motor Oil D1645-0008 9410-0087
Oil, Lubricating, 50 WT D1645-0014 9410-0091
Lubricant, Anti-Seize D1645-0016 9410-0092
Grease, Mobilith SHC 220 (GS +) D1645-0036 9410-0093


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