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Vista® Cell Sensing System

The Vista Cell Sensing System increases productivity on our engravers; it is standard on the Spectrum and Prism Prime, but customers preferring operator cell verification can choose QuickCell instead.

With Vista , automatic setup is fast and reliable. No longer will surface glare or copper scratches affect the cell measurements. Vista automatically calculates cell shape, size and the stylus profile for each test cut. The Vista system for automatic head setup and automatic test cuts provides a “one button” machine – getting you into production quickly. Tip Calibration ensures that the stylus and shoe are positioned correctly. Stylus profiling ensures stylus integrity. Mid-tone stylus correction improves tone quality. A Stylus Life database can be accessed through the network.

Vista compensates for stylus problems for more reliable and accurate engraving.

Vista is integral to our latest machine control software, which is packed with productivity enhancements.

Vista for Full Automation or Semi Automation or no Automation

At the heart of OHIO's engravers is the Vista system, an advanced technology that will increase productivity whether the engraver is part of an automated line or not.

vistaFire-and-Forget — The engraver is not automated.

1. The operator loads the cylinder.
2. The operator sets start of job location then positions carriage for test cut.
3. The operator hits "GO"
4. Vista performs test cuts. The job automatically starts after successful test cuts

Benefit: The operator does not have to wait for test cuts to be completed before moving carriage to job start location.

VistaDrop-and-Go — The Spectrum is semi-automated.

1. The operator places the cylinder on the supports.
2. The machine grabs the cylinder, positions carriage for test cut.
3. The operator hits "GO"
4. Vista performs test cuts. The job automatically starts after successful test cuts

Benefit: The operator can immediately move on to other tasks after step 1.

VistaLights-out — The Spectrum is part of a fully-automated engravign line.

1. Maintain processes

Cylinder Birth Certificates

Setup images are automatically archived over the network. Information includes screen, angle, stylus angle, stylus number, and engrave time. Images include stylus profile and cell information.

Read more about the new Enhanced Birth Certificate available for Spectrum and Prism Prime.

Stylus Profile

Stylus profiing can be done at the start of every cylinder, not just when a new stylus is installed. this means that every cylinder will be free of errors from a broken or worn stylus. Vista knows if the stylus does not match the job specifications, and displays this in the stylus profile. Choose to ignore the wrong stylus and engrave anyway, or stop engraving for operator assistance.

The style profile information is printed on the Birth Certificate.

stylus profiles from Vista II

Tip Calibration

We call it Tip Cal for short, and it is an automatic procedure that ensures the stylus and show are in the correct relative position after a stylus change. Additionally, a sensor determines when a stylus change occurs, allowing the operator to track sylus life with the built-in database.

tip cal

After a new stylus is inserted, the automatic Tip Calibration procedure starts.

Typically, the shoe touches the cylinder but the stylus tip is not in the correct position.

tip cal

The stylus is automatically moved to the correct position against the cylinder.

tip cal

When the shoe and stylus are in the optimum position, engraving begins.



Vista is included on the Spectrum and Prism Prime engravers.

Vista is a registered trademark of Ohio Gravure Technologies


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