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tranScribe Engraving System

High Quality for Linework

The tranScribe Engraving System is an advanced technique combining the normal electromechanical gravure advantages -- consistency, repeatability, and ink capacity -- with something unexpected: superb linework sharpness.

The tranScribe system is more than just high resolution engraving: using fine engraving screens can lose ink volume even with the sharpest stylus. The tranScribe method maintains cell volume for maximum printability. The maximum cell depth with tranScribe is 55µ.

Compare tranScribe to Hybrid Engraving

tranScribe with AccuEdge

The tranScribe system offers outstanding quality for text and linework. Real-time tranScribe eliminates processing time before engraving. Now, as soon as the job layout is done, the job can be engraved. The advanced tranScribe cell patterns are all calculated on the fly during engraving -- in real time. Even previewing tranScribe in Collage is real-time now. If you don't like the results of your tranScribe setting, change it and instantly see the new results.

The AccuEdge process provides high quality results: the software analyzes original image data and makes subtle automatic adjustments to produce the best results. Seamless engraving (continuous images around and across the cylinder) can easily be done.

A cylinder can have multiple tranScribe filters applied according to the image data. For example, use one filter optimized for the positive areas and a different one optimized for the negative areas: resulting in the best quality and only one engraving pass, all in real-time. Note some limitations apply when using different tranScribe styles to be engraved at one pass. Job-identifying text and color blocks may be used on tranScribe cylinders.

While tranScribe was introduced for CCS over a decade ago, only Collage provides the tranScribe Filter Editor for complete control over all settings, including Horizontal and Vertical Edging. Predefined tranScribe filters are included in Collage, each optimized for a different types of work. Use these to get started, then create your own with the advanced editor controls.

Compare Traditional vs tranScribe vs Hybrid engraving

Following are sample images. On the right is the prepress image data from Collage. On the left is actual tranScribe with AccuEdge engraving. Both images are much magnified from the actual data to be printed.



Prepress and tranScribe engraving


The tranScribe Engraving System is an option for OHIO and Gravostar engravers, including the Spectrum, Prism and HS. The system has two parts: the tranScribe Engrave head and Collage software.


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