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Highly Accurate

OHIO engrave heads are accurate to to less than a micron (µ).

How big is a micron?

A micrometer, also called a micron, is one thousand times smaller than a millimeter (mm).

To type the micron symbol (µ) use ALT-181 or ASCII CODE 230 or HTML entity µ



OHIO Gravure Technologies in Dayton, Ohio USA designs and manufactures advanced equipment for the global gravure printing market. The Engineering, Software Development, and Manufacturing groups work to provide innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity, such as the award-winning Hybrid Engraving System. Our engineering specialty since 1980 is our sub-micron accurate cutting system (Vision engrave head). We provide installation and support for our electromechanical engravers and the prepress layout software Collage for gravure printing.



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