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Shows Etc.

Ohio GT will attend, exhibit, or speak at some of these events:


GPPC Conference

November 18 - 20, 2014
Naples, FL USA



DRUPA 2016

May 31 - June 10
Dusseldorf, Germany




-Hybrid Edging on Tone Work

Hybrid Engraving can improve text on tone »

-Get to Know the Spectrum Engraver

SpectrumFast ... Productive ... Flexible ... Ohio Gravure Technologies's Spectrum is a new engraver for packaging and decorative gravure producers with just the right mix of price and features for today's business environment. And with the exclusive Hybrid Engraving System, the Spectrum expands your opportunities.
Learn more about the Spectrum »

-Fast QuickCell

If you have skilled operators and want the fastest possible cell setup on your Spectrum, OGT now offers the QuickCell interactive cell system. Learn about QuickCell »
Watch a video about QuickCell »

-Announcing the Navigator RIP for Collage

Ohio GT is pleased to announce the Xitron Navigator RIP and Ohio GT RIP Plug-in for Collage. Learn more »

-End of Life Announcements

JawsRIP and RTI-R


RedHat 9 for embedded software

-Vision Engrave Head and Hybrid Engraving

The Vision engrave head is available with the innovative Hybrid Engraving System, only from Ohio GT, and only on the Spectrum engraver. Learn about Hybrid Engraving »

-Collage Layout System

Collage logoWe call it the best layout system for packaging gravure. Why? Fast, flexible, complete .... and explicitly designed for gravure. Only Collage supports Hybrid engraving. Use Collage to create jobs for all engravers including Helio engravers. Curious about Collage? Try the demo version. If you need different payment options, we have a Lease Program for Collage.

-End of Life for Windows XP

Do you still use Windows XP operating system for your Collage computers? Microsoft will stop support for Windows XP soon. See how this affects Collage»

-Collage Feature - Digital Proofing for Customer

The Collage Layout Software has many tools and features. Here is one you may not know about. Built in to Collage is a powerful digital proofing tool: the Collage Job Viewer »

-Conventional vs Hybrid vs tranScribe

Ohio GT offers three engraving solutions. Which is best? The answer depends on many factors. Compare engraving methods »

-Comments? Wishes?

If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or wishes regarding our future products, please let us know »